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San Joaquin Home Services is pleased to announce a new yard treatment program to control whiteflies, aphids, and scale. Not only will these harmful pests cause considerable damage to your shrubs, bushes, roses, and trees they will also attract ants.

Tree Systemic Root Injections

Aphid & White Flies Elimination

Lawn & Turf Care


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San Joaquin Yard & Lawn Care Service. Follow our annual plan and see tremendous results in your landscape,

Systemic Root Treatment (Fruitless trees only)

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Once per year

Protect your shrubs, plants, trees, roses, and many other typical growing organisms in your yard

*Price starting at $95



Maintain a beautiful lawn year-round

*Price starting at $75 quarterly

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"San Joaquin Home Services keeps my yard looking top-notch. Their staff is extremely friendly and reliable and always takes the time to listen to my concerns. Highly recommended!"


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