Fast, Efficient Termite Reports for Escrow

San Joaquin Pest Control will provide a thorough and detailed inspection of your structure or home. Termites are a common problem for Valley residents. Termites frequently go undetected, our State Licensed inspectors will examine your entire structure inside and out. You will be provided with a detailed written report of the findings.  If you suspect a problem in your home or you want peace of mind that accompanies an inspection for termites, call San Joaquin Pest Control today!

termitesOne - Year Guarantee for Termites 

After our termite inspection, you will receive a complete, detailed inspection report. The inspector will recommend treatments to address your termite issues. 

One of our goals is to locate and identify the main source of the problem for every home or business site we visit. Because our team is highly trained to find the problem area we offer a one-year guarantee for our termite services. If you experience a termite problem or even see a termite after we’ve serviced your house for the problem, we will return and do the treatment again, free of charge.

Prompt and Courteous Service

Termites can cause expensive damage to your home unless dealt with. Our highly trained inspectors are aware of this and our reports will identify your termite issues. Our inspectors will address your concerns and offer professional advice about how to correct the termite problem.

Licensed, Bonded, and Insured for Your Protection

Termite Inspections and Control

When it comes to your families' most important investment have San Joaquin Pest Control check your home and prescribe the best treatment.

With over 40-plus years of industry experience, we understand their behaviors and biology. Our team of inspectors has the experience to locate the problem and diagnose the best termite treatment to rid your structure of the infestation. From liquid treatments to fumigation, we will design a treatment plan to eliminate your termite problem


Q. What is the difference between a swarming termite and a flying ant?

A. Swarming termites are winged reproductive termites. Black to brown in color with four wings of equal size, a broad waist and straight antennae. They fly from their colonies to mate and start new infestations, most commonly  during the spring and fall seasons. Flying ants are winged reproducers similar to a termite - a swarmer identified by two sets of different sized wings, a pinched waist and elbow-shaped antennae.

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