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At San Joaquin Pest Control we are the comsumate professional at the elimination of infestations of either Rats and Mice. Rats & Mice have different tendancies. It takes specialized training to catch and remove rodents from your home, yard or your business.

Mouse Control | San Joaquin Pest Control | Fresno CA | Visalia CAWhat makes rodents so tough to trap?

Both baiting and trapping are essential in proper rodent control. That's why it's so important to have experience and training when working with Rats, Mice or other rodents. Not only are they smart and instinctive but they can harbor and transmit disease. Not only can they transmit serious disease but they may also introduce disease carrying parasites like fleas and mites into your house or living quarters. It's very important that you intervene as soon as possible. One pair of mice can produce offspring of over 200 in just 4 short months!

Why is San Joaquin Pest Control your answer to mouse and rat control?

We live in the Valley and we have kids and pets too. With over 40 years experience and background it only makes sense to contact us for your pest control needs.

We guarantee your satisfaction with our work.

Don't worry what un-welcome is in your kitchen cabinets anymore!

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