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Mosquitoes are a significant pest problem for San Joaquin Valley residents. They carry and can transmit disease like: West Nile Virus, Chikungunya Virus, Zika Virus and canine heartworms.


Mosquito behavior: Belong to the fly family. They have long thin legs and head with 1 pair of wings and are 3-9 mm in length. Females feed on blood to help with egg laying. They will also feed on nectar from flowers and plants. Larvae feed on organic material such as decaying plant matter and organisms.

The 2 primary families of mosquitoes: Aedis family are very active during daylight hours; this group carries the Zika virus. Zika has not currently been found in California but people who have traveled to areas where Zika is present have reported cases. The Culex family spends most of their life above ground such as in tree trunks and branches; they carry the West Nile virus that has been reported in both birds and humans in California.

Mosquito inspection and treatment service:

You can get a jump on controlling these disease-carrying insects by contacting us now to schedule a FREE yard inspection. We will identify areas that provide mosquitoes with cover and harborage. You will receive a written report along with any recommendations to help combat these invasive insects.

Your inspection will identify standing water sites, drains, plants, flower pots, bird baths and tree related problems. Your treatment shall include bushes and shrubs, flowerbeds, window and door perimeters as well as the lawn area.


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