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Professional programs for audited facilities
Working in the food processing world it is imperative that you have a professional commercial pest control company that understands the Valley. San Joaquin Pest Control has handled commercial and industrial accounts for over 40 years. We understand how to make sure that your facility is a PEST FREE ENVIRONMENT and will stand up to a 3rd party audit. Service will be provided AIB or comparable industry certification.

meat-plantOur approach is to make sure that you don't have to worry about a third party audit of your plant. We are there to create an INTEGRATED PEST MANAGEMENT (IPM) program to determine the proper and most effective treatment program for your facility. That means we understand your needs may have special requirements and treatment options to insure the best possible result.

When it comes to effective and professional pest control, SJPC can provide treatment such as:

Exclusion - It is important to find and eliminate the places that the pests are coming into your business. Cracks, holes, tears all must be identified and eliminated to insure that we not only eliminate the problem but keep them from coming back

Commodity Fumigation - We fumigate warehouse's, Silo's, Grain and AG related products and facilities.

Pigeons & Birds - Droppings and bird waste on your property is a major source of disease & expense. problem to keep cleaned up. SJPC has several effective bird control programs to keep your food processing or AG facility free from the mess birds can leave behind.

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