Flea Treatment Preparation

You MUST make the following preparations before San Joaquin Pest Control can treat your home for fleas:


  • Interior: Vacuum all floors and as much furniture as possible and dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag. Place in a separate bag and remove from the home (fleas will continue to hatch out in there.)

  • Have everything picked up off the floor that can be such as clothes, toys, shoes, and houseplants so that we can spray all the carpet and baseboards. Remove things from the closet floors, hanging garments are fine.

  • Have all pets flea dipped, powdered or somehow protected, so the fleas don’t go from animals to lawn and carpets and vice versa in a vicious cycle. People and pets must be out of the residence for 3-4 hours while the spray dries.

  • Exterior: Have the lawn cut short and watered prior to our service and then avoid watering for a day or two after service.

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