Yard Tasks that Go Hand in Hand: Aeration and Fertilization

Posted on Sep 3, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Yard Tasks that Go Hand in Hand: Aeration and FertilizationThere are some yard tasks that seem to go hand in hand – mowing and trimming are two that come to mind. In most situations, you do not do one of those tasks without also doing the other. Two other yard tasks that typically occur in conjunction with one another are aeration and fertilization. These two lawn care duties work together to improve the health and look of your yard. In order to get the full benefit of either you need to do them both together.


Aeration is the process of pulling small plugs of dirt out of your yard. These plugs go deep enough to expose the roots of your grass system but are not so big that they cause serious damage. When the roots of your grass are exposed air, water, and nutrients can get directly to the roots and provide the highest level of benefit. If you have a lawn that is compacted from foot traffic or for some other reason, aeration can loosen things up so you can make other improvements to your yard such as planting seed or adding in landscaping.


Fertilization is the process of adding nutrients to your yard. In some types of soil, the nutrients that grass need in order to thrive are lacking or out of balance. Adding in fertilizer can bring the nutrients into balance and/or introduce nutrients that are lacking. Even healthy yards can benefit from being fertilized on a regular basis. You can set your yard up on a fertilization schedule to ensure that it gets the nutrition it needs on a consistent basis.

The perfect pair of lawn tasks

Aeration and fertilization are both beneficial when done individually. But when you do the two in conjunction with one another, you have the ideal situation. Aeration opens up the root systems of your grass and fertilization provides beneficial nutrients. When you have your yard aerated and then fertilized those nutrients go straight to the roots of your grass. This helps your grass get the highest level of nutrition possible in the shortest amount of time. You do not have to wait and hope that the nutrients from the fertilization travel through the soil to the roots of the grass because the roots are exposed from the aeration. If you plan on doing either of these lawn care tasks you should seriously consider including the other one in order to get the best possible results.

Aeration and fertilization work together to make a big difference in the look and health of your yard. Proper nutrition can help your lawn go from sparse and struggling to lush and healthy. You can get help with aeration, fertilization, and a number of other lawn care projects from the pros at The Experienced Gardener.   

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