Winter Tasks That Will Improve Your Garden This Spring

Posted on Jan 29, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Winter Tasks That Will Improve Your Garden This Spring

Spring is such a beautiful season, especially for those of us who love gardening. It’s when all the hard work we’ve been putting in throughout the year starts to pay off, and all of the plants we’ve been waiting for come to life and make our yards look bright and amazing.

We’re about halfway through winter right now, and you might be getting antsy waiting for spring. But did you know that there are actually things you can do right now to help your garden look its best this spring? Here are a few winter tasks that you can do now that will make your garden as stunning as possible this year.

Making Plans

It might not be as interesting and involved as getting your hands in the soil, but winter is a great time to make future plans for your lawn and garden. Looking out at your backyard during the winter might seem a little sad since nothing is blooming at the moment, but try changing your perspective. Look at your lawn and garden as a blank canvas. This might be a great time to bring in a professional to get some recommendations on which plants would look good where, as far as the layout goes. Imagine what your ideal garden would look like this spring and make some notes. When spring rolls around, compare the results to what you were hoping for, and decide what changes you’ll need to make in order to get better results next spring. It’s also a great time to start reading about ways of getting rid of any problems you dealt with this year. If you had more weeds than usual, start figuring out why and looking up solutions that you can put into place once the sun comes out.

Baby Your Lawn

One thing you can do to help your garden look it’s best this spring is be extra gentle with your grass during the winter. Your lawn is especially vulnerable during the cold months, because of the rain. When it rains, the soil underneath your lawn becomes more flexible, so any pressure added to the top can cause it to compact. Keep bikes, toys and other objects like chairs and tables off of your grass during this time. Mow your lawn less than you usually do, as well. In fact, if you can stand to leave it unmowed, do so. Mowing the lawn while it’s weak can do more damage than good.

Clearing Leaves and Debris

One thing that you can continue doing in the rainy season is clearing leaves and taking out dead plants. It’s actually pretty essential to get rid of fallen leaves and debris during this time because they can stop your plants and lawn from getting the nutrients that they need. With the sun in short supply, you’ll want to make sure that your plants are able to take full advantage of it when it is. Making sure your garden is taking in as much sun as it can now will help it bloom this coming Spring.

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