Winter Can Be Tough For Anyone With A Garden

Posted on Mar 6, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Winter Can Be Tough For Anyone With A Garden | The Experienced GardenerWinter can be tough for anyone with a garden. While you might be itching to get back into the garden and give your plants some TLC, the rain makes it a bit more difficult to do so. You might be daydreaming about all those sunny afternoons spent in your yard, gloves on, hat on your head, making sure your plants are healthy and not wanting for any nutrients.

While it might be hard to make it outside during one of the many downpours we’ve experienced this winter, there are actually a few things you can do to prepare your garden for the sunny weather that is coming up sooner than you think. Take advantage of the sunnier moments this month, and follow these three steps to make sure your lawn and garden are ready for the sun when spring rolls around.

Keep The Lawn Cleared

It might seem harmless to leave toys or furniture sitting out on your lawn, but it can actually be harmful. Even ignoring leaves that have fallen on your lawn can be damaging during the winter. This is because as the sun starts to peek out a little more, your lawn will need to soak up as much of the nutrients it can. If it’s obstructed with leaves, your lawn won’t ever get the exposure to the sun that it needs, especially now. Toys and furniture are sometimes fine to leave out on the lawn, but not during the rainy months. When soil is wet, and there are things sitting on the surface of your lawn, the pressure can compact the soil and make it almost impossible for the grass’ roots to spread out.

Aerate Your Lawn

Aerate is a term that basically means to create holes in your lawn, that allows air and nutrients to make their way into your lawn, and down to its roots more easily. It’s possible to aerate your own lawn, but it can be a very time consuming job. If you’re unsure about taking on this task on your own, consider hiring a landscaping service to help you. This way you’ll know for sure that the job is getting done perfectly, and you’ll save yourself the time and labor.

Be Careful About Over Watering

It can be hard to figure out how much water is too much for your garden. Plants love water, and sometimes it can seem like the more you water them, the more they grow and flourish, with no end in sight. However, if they get too much water, your plants can actually flood. They can can also become more at risk for harmful fungi, so keep an eye on your plants and trees for signs. The best way to prevent your lawn from flooding is to make sure it has proper drainage. If you notice pools of water on your lawn, you’ll need to look into installing some drainage methods in that area.

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