Why You Should Be Aerating Your Lawn

Posted on Apr 21, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Why You Should Be Aerating Your Lawn | The Experienced GardenerSometimes, in the modern world, you can feel overwhelmed by technology and all of the modern amenities we have. Did you know we’re on the seventh version of the Samsung Galaxy cell phone? It does some amazing things now, half of which I probably won’t figure out until the next version comes out.

That’s one of the nice parts of the gardening business: it’s not exactly at the forefront of technology. People have been gardening for centuries, and there isn’t much new to discover. For instance, today I’m going to fill you in on one of the hidden secrets to a beautiful landscape: punching a bunch of holes in the lawn.

  • It’s Not Complicated, But It’s Effective

This probably sounds a tad simplistic, but that’s basically what aeration is. Seriously, even the name is a bit of a fudge job – by punching holes in the lawn, we’re allowing the roots to be exposed to the “air”; see where “aeration” comes from, now? Hey, we’re gardeners, we’re not here to be creative.

  • So What’s So Great About Aeration?

Well, it’s important that you never overwhelm your roots, which is why we’re careful about things like over-fertilizing and overwatering. However, occasionally you need to give those roots a little bit of a boost. That’s where aeration comes in. Periodically (a few times per year), you should use an aerator to make these holes throughout the entire lawn.

In addition to exposing the roots to more air, you’ll also expose them to more fertilizer, water and sunlight. That’s going to give your grass a nice little nudge as it grows.

  • How Do I Aerate?

There are both manual aerator tools and aerator machines. Unless you have a massive property, you probably shouldn’t bother purchasing an aerator machine for your own personal use. However, they can be rented from several places. Additionally, you can always contact a professional gardener to provide aeration services.

  • When Should I Aerate?

It’s best to aerate during the growing season, when your lawn will have time to recover from all those holes. Additionally, aerate before you treat the lawn with fertilizer, in order to give it a chance to reach down to the roots directly.

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