Why You Need To Keep Your Tree’s Growth Under Control

Posted on Jan 11, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Why You Need To Keep Your Tree’s Growth Under Control | The Experienced GardenerAs a lawn care company, it’s probably not a shock to hear us say that we love trees. Majestic and self-sufficient, they’ve always been a symbol of strength and stability. Most people have fond memories of climbing and swinging from trees of their childhoods. People even spend time in tents sleeping on the ground just to be around them and their lovely scent. Trees not only look beautiful and are fun to climb on, but they provide us with the oxygen that we need to live. Trees and humans are a match made in heaven, so when you have a tree in your yard, it’s important that you care for it correctly. Watering it is important, especially if you live in a dry climate, but most people usually just leave their tree care at that. There are a few other aspects to making sure your tree is healthy and looking it’s best, and one of those is managing its growth. Although you might want to let your tree grow wild and free whichever way it chooses, this is not the best decision you can make for it. Not to mention your neighbors might not appreciate having a branch grow over their fence and into their yard. Here are three reasons keeping your tree’s growth well maintained is important.


Like any other plant, trees need solid roots to thrive. However, unlike smaller plants, these roots can cause huge problems if they grow into areas they shouldn’t be in. They can cause issues in your driveway, such as cracking if they start to grow underneath the pavement. You’ll also want to avoid roots growing too far into your lawn and disrupting the growth of your grass. If you’re already dealing with a problem like this, you might need to contact a professional lawn expert to recommend a remedy to your problem.


Pests are a persistent problem for anyone with a garden, but sometimes you can forget to keep an eye on the pests that disturb your trees. Keeping your tree’s growth in check will help you monitor any pests problems much easier. Early detection of pests and other diseases are essential to fixing the problem. Keeping growth under control will make it much more apparent when there’s an issue that needs your attention.

Pruning Helps Healthy Growth

Pruning your plants and trees into creative and attractive shapes is fun, but it’s not the only reason you should be pruning your trees. You won’t need to prune a large tree all that often, but it is something you should make sure gets taken care of every once in awhile. Think of it like getting a haircut. I’m sure your hairdresser has told you before that trimming the dead ends off of your hair will actually help it grow faster and healthier. Although it seems a little counterintuitive, trimming the dead parts off of your tree’s branches will actually make room for it to grow back healthier in the end.

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