Why Landscaping And Pest Control Always Go Together

Posted on Jul 24, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

landscapepestcontrolLandscaping and pest control go hand in hand. We personally, are partnered with San Joaquin Pest Control. The reason that these industries go together is that pest control is an essential part of caring for your lawn, garden and landscape in general. You can plan the perfect landscape, mow your lawn every week, and tend to you garden with the perfect amount of water, but if you’re not doing anything to keep pests away from the fruits of your labor, at the end of the day you’re not going to have much to show. Gardening pest control involves two main aspects: preventing pests, and getting rid of any existing issues.

It’s important to keep an eye out for pests, and the best way to do this is checking your plants for any signs or damage that might be caused by them. We’ve written several blogs about this topic. Depending on which area of your yard you’re looking at, there are different signs of pests. Check these links for specific examples of what you should be looking for.

Signs of pests that you should look for in your lawn.

Signs of pests that you should look for in your vegetable garden.

Signs of pests that you should look for in your flowers.

Preventative Pest Control

There are some DIY tactics that you can implement that will help keep pests away from your yard. For one, there are some plants that actually repel pests. Planting these species in your yard can add some variety to your garden, as well as working to keep bugs away. Creating a barrier around your garden will also help to isolate any pests and prevent them from moving into your more fragile veggie or flower gardens. You can do this with rocks, fences, wires, or even by laying a small layer of bark on top of the soil.

Another thing to keep in mind is hiring a service to use their expertise to keep pests away. Professional landscapers have tools and experience that they can use to look after your yard and garden.

Corrective Pest Control

If you already have a pest issue, it’s probably best to call a landscaper to have them take care of it. Ridding your garden of pest infestations can be a little complicated since you’re working around your delicate crops. A professional landscaper (especially one that specializes in pest control) will be able to help you get rid of your pest problem, without leaving your plants and garden devastated.

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