Why Is Vegetation Control Important For Your Home?

Posted on May 5, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

why-is-vegetation-control-important-for-your-home.jpgaWhy Is Vegetation Control Important For Your Home? | The Experienced GardenerWhen you hear the term “vegetation control,” you might be a bit confused. What does this mean? You’re going to control the growth of my plants? Is that necessary?

But the term is a bit of a misnomer. Basically, vegetation control focuses on killing weeds and preventing pests – I suppose it just sounds better than “Weed Killing.” You already know that weeds are annoying and grow faster than your grass, but do you know why? And why vegetation control is vital to keeping that in check?

Well, if not, good thing you’re here. Because vegetation control could save your lawn.

  • Weeds are Competition – and They Win Pretty Often

The primary concern with weeds is the fact they steal space, nutrients and sunlight from regular grass. Weeds grow pretty easily and quickly, and they will regularly overshadow your grass – literally and figuratively. Weeds stand taller than grass, which allows them to steal the sunlight meant for those blades. They’ll also take up space in the soil, robbing the grass of vital nutrients like fertilizer and water. Pretty soon, your grass is going to be patchy and develop yellow spots. Vegetation control will eliminate that possibility.

  • Unchecked Growth is Also Problematic

Many homes have patio covers or fences that are covered in organic plantlife, such as vines or ivy. There’s also a good chance you didn’t plant that vegetation: it came with the home. But if you don’t pay attention to it, it could soon cause problems. For instance, excess ivy on a patio cover will add extra weight, which could put excessive strain on it. Or, vines might cover a fence so completely that it becomes destabilized. We can ensure that doesn’t happen.

  • It Also Aids the Battle Against Pests

We discuss pests regularly on our blog, because they’re a constant concern for gardeners. But did you know vegetation control can help in that area? Even if your landscape is perfectly healthy, if it’s overrun with out-of-control plantlife, you’re still in danger. The overgrown plants, bushes and grass provide plenty of hiding spots for pests, who will then be in perfect position to attack a tree or your home. Vegetation control will eliminate these hiding spots, to keep your landscape safe.

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