Why Gardening Services Aren't Just For the Wealthy

Posted on Jan 21, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Why Gardening Services Aren't Just For the Wealthy | The Experienced Gardener

When people think of gardeners, I’m sure they always assume we’re talking about the ultra-wealthy. After all, who else can afford to have a specialist come over on a regular basis merely to tend to your azaleas? Or to mow and edge your lawn?

However, that’s a very close-minded view of gardening services. Oh sure, gardeners can provide full service that allows you to simply enjoy your garden and landscape without any work. But that’s the kind of service that will cost you a pretty penny. For most customers, they prefer to use our services a little more selectively.

  • What Does That Mean?

Well, we provide gardening services throughout the community, but those services aren’t always the same. For instance, some folks just want help cutting the grass and trimming the hedges – especially if they’re elderly customers or very busy professionals. Or perhaps you just need a helping hand getting your flowers to grow; it’s often more complicated than simply providing water and sunlight.

  • Gardening Services Can Keep Your Trees Safe 

Whenever you have vegetation or plantlife in your yard, disease and parasites are always a concern. Nothing can destroy a tree faster than disease, and it can even spread from one tree to the next via roots.

Therefore, at the very least, you should contact a professional gardener for advice on safeguarding your trees. A local gardener will know which diseases and pests are most prevalent in your area, which will allow them to develop an effective treatment and/or prevention plan.

  • Don’t Just Maintain the Landscape; Improve It

Another benefit of hiring a gardener is all the additional services they can provide. Weed control is one of these services – your gardener can treat your landscape for weeds and ensure they are wiped out for good. They can also provide soil aeration. This fancy phrase basically means you poke holes in the soil with an aerator. It may not seem like much, but aeration can be a huge boon for your landscape.

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