Why are Bug Infestations Harmful to Your Yard/Landscape?

Posted on Dec 8, 2016 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Why are Bug Infestations Harmful to Your Yard/Landscape? | The Experienced GardenerIt would be so nice if the steps to getting and maintaining a beautiful yard were as simple as watering and mowing on a regular basis. If you are a homeowner, you have probably discovered that keeping a high quality yard is a bit more complicated. There are multiple threats to the aesthetics and health of your yard. One of the major threats to your yard’s overall wellbeing is bug infestations. Bug infestations are harmful to your landscape for several reasons.

  • Bugs can kill your grass

Are you consistently watering your lawn but still noticing bare or dying spots? These dying or dead areas of your lawn may be the result of a bug infestation. There are some types of bugs that feed off of the roots of grass and other plants. If you have these types of bugs in your yard they could be killing your grass from the roots. Grubs are one example of bugs that like to eat the roots of your yard. Other types of bugs eat the grass above the ground. Armyworms and cutworms are examples of pests who feed on the stems and blades of your grass. These and other types of bugs can lead to dead spots in your yard, despite all of your effort to mow and water it appropriately.

  • Bugs can eat away at the leaves of plants

Killing your grass is not the only way that bugs can be harmful to your landscape. There are some types of bugs that like to feed on the leaves and other parts of the plants in your flower bed. Have you ever noticed a plant that has leaves full of holes? The holes are often caused by destructive bugs. This is unsightly and can eventually lead to the death of the plant if the pests are not eradicated.

  • Bugs can make your yard their home

Sometimes it seems that mounds of dirt pop up in your yard overnight. If you have noticed these it means that you either have ants or some type of rodent in your yard. Either way, the mounds that they create can really do damage to the overall look of your landscape. In the case of ants, their presence can lead to pain for the people and pets in the home should they get bit.

The good news about bug infestations in your yard is that you can usually find a way to get rid of the pests causing the damage. Do some research and try to properly identify the bugs that are causing you problems. Once you identify the culprits you can get the appropriate type of treatment to remove them from your yard. If you are unable to identify the bugs or simply need help with the process of getting them out of your yard it is time to call in professional help. A professional lawn care company in your area will be familiar with the pests in your area and with the treatments that work best to get them out of your yard.

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