Where Can I Get Advice on Creating a Healthy Yard?

Posted on Aug 3, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Where Can I Get Advice on Creating a Healthy Yard? | The Experienced GardenerCreating a healthy yard takes work and commitment. There is more to getting and keeping your yard where you want it than watering and mowing on a regular basis. There are a number of issues that can come up such as pests, disease, and weeds. It can be difficult to determine the best way to deal with those issues. In addition, it takes proactive steps like aeration and fertilization to create a strong and healthy yard. It is possible to handle all of these things on your own but the process will go much smoother if you get advice on the best ways to approach each task. If you are looking for advice on how to create a healthy yard there are several places you can go for help.

Online resources

There are a number of helpful resources about yard care available online. You can start with professional blogs on the topic. Look for local lawn care companies that have blogs related to caring for yards in your area. It is helpful to look for local online resources because you can learn about the issues that are common in your area. You can also find out where you can go for help with your yard if you ever need it. Another possible online resource is the agricultural department of your local university. Believe it or not, almost any issue you have with your yard has been studied on an academic level. By looking online at the resources offered by your local university you can learn about issues common to your area and hopefully get some ideas about how to prevent those issues from occurring in your yard.

The local nursery

You may not be able to track down a yard and garden expert at the big box home and garden center but you will likely find an expert on the local landscape at a locally owned nursery. Local plant nurseries often specialize in plants that are native to the area. This means that they carry plants that can thrive in your area because the climate generally meets their needs. The people that own or work at these types of places are usually knowledgeable about the local landscape and what will work best for your yard. Each place is different but your chance of getting specialized advice on creating a healthy yard in your area is high at the local nursery.

Local lawn care professionals

Another resource for advice on creating a healthy yard is your local lawn care professionals. They can provide you with information on lawn issues such as weeds, disease, and pests. In addition, they can help you determine when it is the right time to do things that strengthen your lawn and garden such as aeration, fertilization, and deep root feedings. As with the other types of resources, local is better when it comes to find a lawn care professional. This will help you insure that the advice you get is relevant to your area.

There is plenty of advice available on ways to create a healthy yard. Make sure the advice you get is coming from a knowledgeable and local source. This will help you have the highest level of success creating a healthy yard because the information will be accurate and specific to your needs.

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