What Vegetables are Easiest to Grow Myself?

Posted on Nov 10, 2016 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Vegetables are Easiest to Grow Myself? | The Experienced GardenerThere is a long list of reasons to try your hand at growing your own vegetables. It is better for the environment because the vegetables do not have to be shipped-simply walk into your backyard. Homegrown vegetables can be better for you because you control what is used to help them grow and protect them from weeds and pests. Having a vegetable garden may even encourage you to eat more vegetables because you will not want them to go to waste after growing them!

But, despite all the arguments for growing your own vegetables, you may still have doubts. Growing vegetables takes time, effort, and a certain level of knowledge. If you are thinking of starting your own vegetable garden you can begin with vegetables that are easy to grow.

  • Vegetables native to your area

The region where you live is going to have a big impact on the types of vegetables that are easiest to grow. Climate and soil composition both have a major impact on the types of vegetables that can thrive. For example, the climate in California is different than the climate in Ohio and will have an impact on vegetable growth. Thankfully, garden centers and home improvement stores generally offer plants that can thrive in the area in which they are located. If you buy vegetable plants locally that have already been started it is likely that those plants can thrive in your area.

Starting vegetables from seeds will require a little more research. Oftentimes the package of seeds has a key on the back showing the different regions and the optimal time for planting. Making sure that the vegetables you choose can thrive in your area is the first and most important step to finding vegetables that are easy to grow.

  • Root vegetables

Root vegetables are vegetables that grow underground. The part of the plant that you see above ground is the leaves or stalk. Root vegetables include things such as carrots, radishes, and onions. These vegetables are easy to grow in a variety of regions. Just make sure that you pay attention to the optimal planting time for the specific vegetable in your region. Sometimes critters that live underground can get to your root vegetables and cause problems. One option to help protect against this problem is to use raised beds.

  • Container vegetables
A container garden is one of the easiest ways to grow vegetables for a novice or experienced gardener. You have greater control over the environmental factors with a container garden. For example, you can move plants in and out of the light depending on their needs. This is very helpful if you do not have a place in your yard with just the right amount of sunlight and shade. In addition, if there is excessive rain or the threat of frost you can protect your plants by moving them indoors or under some type of covering. If you do not have space for a large garden or only need a few vegetables then growing vegetables in containers is an easy option. Petite tomatoes and jalapeno peppers are two examples of plants that are easy to grow in containers.   

Growing a vegetable garden for the first time is a learning experience. Do not be intimidated by the possibility that you will fail at growing vegetables. Start with these easier options to increase your enjoyment and likelihood of success.

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