What Types of Pests are the Biggest Threat to My Lawn?

Posted on Jul 30, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Types of Pests are the Biggest Threat to My Lawn? | Experienced GardenerPests can be a big threat to your yard. They can cause unsightly damage and even kill off large sections of your grass. In order to protect your yard from the threat of pests you need to learn which types pose the biggest threat. When you know the signs of activity from the various types of pests you can take steps to prevent those pests or eradicate them if they are already present. Four pests that pose a threat to your lawn are grubs, moles, chinch bugs, and armyworms.


Grubs are a type of lawn pest that can lead to serious damage. If you develop a grub problem in your yard it can cause the grass to wilt and develop brown turf patches. If this pest is allowed to remain in your yard it can eventually lead to the death of your grass. On top of the damage these pests can cause they also have the ability to draw in another type of harmful lawn pest: moles.


Moles are a type of rodent that can do significant damage to your yard. They eat grubs which would be helpful except for the fact that moles also cause damage to your lawn. Moles burrow through your yard and can damage the root systems of your grass and leave unsightly mole hills.

Chinch bugs

Chinch bugs are a type of yard pest that feed on grass. If they are present in your yard you may notice irregular patches of grass. They can cause your grass to change colors eventually leading to it turning brown. The results of a serious chinch bug infestation can look a lot like drought damage.


Armyworms are a threat to your lawn because they feed on the blades of grass and stems. They can also eat away at the leaves of other plants. Armyworms are more active during the late afternoon/evening and can create circular bare spots in your grass.

All of these pests can be a big threat to your lawn. Unfortunately, there are a number of other pests that can cause damage to your grass as well. The key to protecting your lawn from these and other threats is to be proactive. You can find a number of different lawn pest treatment options at your local hardware store. Properly and regularly applying these treatment options can eradicate pests from your lawn and create a barrier against their return. You can also get help with lawn pest treatment and prevention from a lawn care professional. The pros at the Experienced Gardener know how to recognize the signs of activity from pests that are common in the area and will apply the appropriate type of treatment.

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