What Type of Prep is Necessary Before Planting Grass Seed?

Posted on Jul 12, 2017 5:26:23 PM by Stephanie Morgan

What Type of Prep is Necessary Before Planting Grass Seed? | The Experienced GardenerGetting a lush and beautiful yard requires some work. If you yard is looking bare then you may be thinking about planting grass seed. But, where do you start? Like so many things in life, a little bit of preparation will make a big difference in your success when it comes to planting grass. In order to get started, you need to learn exactly what type of prep is necessary. The three main steps that you need to take to prep your yard in order to plant grass seed include getting rid of weeds, aerating, and fertilizing. 

Deal with current weeds

It is important not to plant grass in a yard that is currently overrun with weeds. Weeds can easily crowd out young, new grass that is trying to grow. They will steal the nutrients that you try to provide the new grass seeds you plant. This step in the preparation process is essential to successfully planting grass seed. The method you choose for dealing with the weeds depends on your situation. If your yard or weed problem is small you can remove them at the roots and then spray for anything you miss. For a larger weed problem you may need to have the weeds sprayed professionally to insure that they are completely eradicated before you plant seed.


Aeration is a process that creates small holes throughout your yard. These holes open up the root systems of your current grass and allow water and nutrients to get directly to the roots. It is an important part of the preparation process for planting seed because it creates space for the seeds to get into the ground because the soil is loosened up. You can aerate your yard on your own with a handheld tool or with an attachment to your riding lawnmower. If you do not have access to these tools or the ability to aerate on your own you can hire a company that does total lawn care to help you out.


Fertilizing your yard after aeration is an important part of helping the seeds take and thrive. It will also help strengthen the grass that you already have. The aeration process gives you the perfect opportunity to really nourish your lawn while the roots are exposed. You can find a variety of grass fertilizing/feeding options at your local hardware store or nursery. Or, you can have your yard fertilized by the same lawn care company that you choose to help with eradicating weeds and aeration.    

Planting grass seed that eventually grows into a lush lawn is a multi-step process. But, each step will greatly increase your likelihood of success. If you are lacking any of the elements you need to complete the project on your own-whether it is time, equipment, or knowledge-you can bring in professional help for the project. When done properly, planting grass seeds is one of the most cost efficient ways to create the lush yard that you want.   

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