What Should I Do To Reduce Weeds?

Posted on Jul 26, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Should I Do To Reduce Weeds? | The Experienced Gardener

Weeds are the number one enemy of anyone who cares about their yard or garden. Not only do they ruin the look of your space, but they can do damage to your plants as well. When weeds grow in our yards, they tend to use up all the resources that are supposed to be used for the plants that you nurture in your garden. They block the sun as well as soaking up the nutrients and water that you distribute in an effort to help your garden or grass grow. There are three steps that you should be following in order to get rid of pesky weeds.

Start De-weeding Before You Plant

You can start preventing and getting rid of weeds before you even put in your first plant. You can place a weed barrier on the top of the soil that you’re going to plant in, in order to prevent weeds from sprouting up in the first place. There are many different options for weed barriers that you can choose from in order to fit your garden best. Generally, weed barriers are made out of a material that looks like a thin fabric. This is known as landscape fabric. Many brands use some type of poly to make the landscape fabric, such as polyethylene, polyester, or polypropylene.  These are pretty affordable and work especially well in flower gardens. If you’re going to plant a vegetable garden, stick with a barrier made out of something more natural, like burlap.

Add A Physical Barrier

Adding a barrier around your plant and garden make it more difficult for weeds to harm your plants. The two main options for building a barrier are either mulch or rocks. The added bonus about these barriers is that they add an aesthetic element on top of protecting your garden. They tend to give your yard a more “finished” look.

Buy The Right Tools

One of the reasons why a lot of people hate getting rid of weeds is because of the physical strain it can cause. Bending your knees over and over, or even pressing them against the hard concrete can be difficult on anyone, even if they don’t have weak knees. Fortunately, there are many products on the market that can help ease the physical strain of taking care of your garden. Most people use knee pads to place under them whenever they’re working on getting rid of weeds.

Another option is a garden seat or cart. These products are used to help you stay steady while you sit closer to the ground, so that you don’t have to transition from standing to sitting and vise versa, over and over.

Hire a Service

If you’re a busy or forgetful person, your best option might be to hire a professional gardener. You can work with the company to figure out how often you can afford to have the gardener visit to deweed and generally care for your yard. They’ll also go over with you what you’ll need to do in between visits, if you choose to have them over less than weekly.

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