What Should I Do To Keep Insects From Infesting My Lawn?

Posted on Aug 25, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Should I Do To Keep Insects From Infesting My Lawn? | The Experienced GardenerOur sister company is an exterminator (San Joaquin Pest), but they go by a different title: pest control. Because in truth, we’ll ever exterminate every pest. How could we? There are literally hundreds of millions of bugs in this county alone. All you can hope for is a little control – you control their ability to enter your home, for instance.

But with a lawn, there will always be insects, and some of them will be harmful. And there are some infestations we can’t really prevent: like fungal spores. A fungal spore could be carried by the wind and infect your lawn, through no fault of your own.

So the trick is to limit the damage and keep your lawn as healthy as possible. And if you follow the tips below, your lawn should stay in pretty good shape.

  • A healthy lawn is a strong one

You know how the immune system works best when your body is healthy? The same can be said of plant life. The stronger and healthier it is, the better it can defend itself. Therefore, take care to fertilize and water the lawn regularly. It’s best to water in the morning, to allow time for the roots to soak up the liquid – it will they dry up in the afternoon sun.

You should fertilize sparingly, since we don’t want to “burn” the line with too many nitrates. And remember, the hotter it gets, the rougher it is for your lawn; don’t fertilize and don’t step on it too much during those triple-digit summer afternoons.

  • Should you “live and let live” with spiders?

One of the newest trends in pest control is Integrated Pest Management (IPM), where you aim to “manage” a pest population instead of exterminating it. That means there is an “acceptable” level of pest activity on your property.

You could utilize a form of IPM by allowing spiders to remain unharmed in your yard. Spiders are a great natural pest deterrent, since they prey on many forms of insects. So if you can stand the sight of a few spider webs in the yard, you should leave them alone. You’ll start to notice fewer flying insects as a result.

  • If all else fails, ask for professional help

Lawn care services aren’t just for the wealthy; we provide help to many residential customers just like you. Curious to learn more? Then contact us today. We’d be happy to discuss your lawn care needs with you.

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