What Should I Do For My Garden During The Winter Months?

Posted on Feb 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Should I Do For My Garden During The Winter Months? | The Experienced GardenerDuring the winter, most plants go dormant. Flowers stop blooming, trees don’t grow as much, and looking out over your garden you might notice that even the weeds you normally have to deal with have stopped sprouting up. This can be a relief, since not many people enjoy pulling weeds. However, even though you don’t see as many plants rising above the surface, there are still things you can do during these colder months to keep your garden healthy and thriving. Although your garden seems to slow in progress during this time, what happens to them now will affect how they grow in the spring and summer that are rapidly approaching. Here are some things you can do to make sure your yard and garden are in the best shape they can be in, even during winter.


For some plants, winter is a great time to prune. This is because while plants are dormant, pruning can often be done without causing damage to them. As any good gardener knows, pruning can be a huge benefit to a plant. Often times, pruning during the winter will allow optimal growth in the summer. However, before you begin, make sure you do research on each individual species of plant to make sure that trimming in winter is in it’s best interest.

Weed Removal

Although you’ll most likely notice a drop off in the amount of weeds in your yard during the cold months, you still need to keep an eye out for, and remove any that sprout up. Even if a weed looks old and withered, they can still do damage to your plants, so remove them whenever you see them. Even weeds that have died can spread seeds around your garden and cause you to have an even bigger weed problem, come spring. While you might get a break from weekly weed pulling sessions, you should still take time at least once a week to make sure that you’ve removed any hard to notice or even dead vegetation from around your garden.

Chemical Vegetation Control

As mentioned before, even if you can’t see weeds or plants sprouting up above the surface, there are still seeds and roots growing beneath the surface that you can’t see. Weeds that are growing below the ground can be nearly impossible for you to deal with on your own, since you don’t know where they are. The best way to tackle this problem is with chemical weed control. A local landscaping company will be able to assist you with this procedure. A gardening expert will come by and spray your lawn and garden with a chemical that penetrates the surface and stops weeds from germinating before they have the chance to sprout up and damage your plants.

Although winter is a time where most plants sit dormant and stop growing, you can take steps to protect them from weeds and damage that can impact them during the spring. Make sure that you don’t neglect these tasks now, and you’ll have a bountiful and colourful display by the time April or May come around.

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