What Is Lawn Aeration And Should I Do It?

Posted on Sep 28, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Is Lawn Aeration And Should I Do It? | The Experienced GardenerWe all want our property to look its best. A beautiful lawn, maybe a flower garden, and even a great-looking paint job will go a long way in making your property look like a thousand bucks. When it comes to your lawn, there are many things you can do to make it look great.

One of the things you can do for your lawn is to aerate it. You may have heard about lawn aeration, but what is it exactly?

Aeration is the process of punching a bunch of holes in your lawn so oxygen can get down to the roots. There are multiple reasons for doing this, but most people do it to promote growth. By placing these holes in the ground, you’re exposing the roots of your lawn to direct oxygen and giving them a chance to absorb more nutrients. For example, water will have a much easier time reaching those roots now.

Lawn aeration is usually accomplished with an aerator, which comes in two ways: manual and powered. The powered version is obviously quicker and easier, but also more expensive – most folks don’t have their own aerators, so you’ll need to buy or rent one to get the job done.

Do I need to perform aeration on my lawn?

There’s nothing that says you have to do this. That being said, you may want to! Aeration is quite beneficial for your lawn, and if you’re having trouble getting your grass green and lush, this might be the way to accomplish it.

The timing of aeration for your grass

Aeration is only recommended about twice a year, so you may be hesitant to spend money on a device you’ll rarely use. Using an aeration will make the entire aeration process much faster and smoother. You can purchase manual aerators at home improvement stores, but more advanced versions are also available.

The type of grass you have will determine when you should aerate. All kinds of grass have a growing season and a dormant season. It is important to schedule aeration based on the type of grass because it has to have time to grow and fill in the holes you created before it becomes dormant. There are cool season grasses and warm season grasses. For cool season grasses, it is ideal to aerate in the early spring or fall. With warm season grasses, it is ideal to aerate in the late spring. If you have left aeration until the summer, you may need to wait until the seasons change. You can always check with a lawn care professional to determine if there is enough growing time left in the season to aerate your yard this summer. 

Hire a professional

If you don’t have the confidence, the time, or the knowledge necessary to perform this procedure, you should contact a professional landscaping company. This sort of process is like second nature to us, and we’d be happy to help your lawn grow lusher than ever.

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