What Is Lawn Aeration?

Posted on Feb 9, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Is Lawn Aeration? | The Experienced Gardener

In our effort to be accurate as a society, we often aim to keep our descriptions and names as plain and practical as possible. We want them to make sense while also being explanatory. So when you hear a term like “pressure washing,” you know exactly what’s involved – highly pressurized water is used to wash away dirt and grime. Makes sense, right?

So what the heck does lawn aeration mean? Are we going to put your lawn in the air or something?

Don’t feel bad if you don’t know the answer; that’s what this blog article is for! But it’s a reminder that not all of our descriptions and names are self-explanatory.

So what is lawn aeration?

Well, the name is actually pretty practical once you learn about the process. Aeration is basically the process of punching a bunch of holes in your lawn so oxygen can get down to the roots. There are multiple reasons for doing this, but the primary one is growth. By placing these holes in the ground, we’re exposing the roots of you lawn to direct oxygen and giving them a chance to absorb more nutrients – water will have a much easier time reaching those roots now, for instance.

Lawn aeration is usually accomplished through the use of an aerator (logical), which comes in two forms: manual and powered. The powered version is obviously quicker and easier, but also more expensive – most folks don’t have their own aerators, so you’ll need to buy or rent one to get the job done.

Do I have to perform aeration on my lawn?

Absolutely not – there’s no reason you have to do this. But it is quite beneficial for your lawn, and if you’re having trouble getting your grass green enough, this might be the way to accomplish it.

Can someone else do it for me?

Yes! A professional gardening service can definitely take care of this for you for a fee. The price will vary based on the company, but outsourcing still has plenty of benefits. For starters, you get the knowledge that comes from being in the gardening industry; you’ve never aerated the lawn before, but these folks have. They know what they’re doing.

Additionally, it prevents you from having to purchase any materials or items for the aeration. Instead, you get someone else to handle the job who already has all the necessary tools.

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