What is Causing Damage to My Plants?

Posted on May 23, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What is Causing Damage to My Plants? | The Experienced GardenerIt is so frustrating to work hard on your garden or flowerbeds only to have plants that are dying or damaged. A big step in successfully dealing with those types of issues is learning to identify the cause of the damage. Some of the things that can create problems for your plants include the amount of water and sunlight they get and more obvious threats like pests and disease.


Plants need water to survive so it may seem odd that this is one of the things that could be causing damage to your plants. But plants need a certain amount of water depending on the variety and getting that amount wrong could lead to damage. Using too little water can cause your plants to droop, dry out, and eventually die altogether. If you use too much water it can cause similar side effects. The main way to tell whether the problem is too little or too much water is by looking at your behavior and checking the soil. If you have not been watering your plants consistently then you can safely assume that these signs of damage are from too little watering. If you are being consistent and the soil feels wet then too much water could be the issue.


Sunlight is another important element for healthy plants. But, just like water, too much or too little sunlight can cause damage to your plants. Too much sunlight can scorch your plants and cause them to shrivel up and die. Too little sunlight will lead to plants that are unable to thrive. It is important to realize that there is not a certain amount of sunlight that works for every plant. They all have different needs and paying attention to those needs will help you determine the optimum placement for the plants in your yard.


Pests can do major damage to the plants in your yard and flowerbeds. There are certain bugs that eat away at the leaves of plants. There are also pests that can eat or destroy the root systems of your plants. If you notice holes in the leaves of your plants it could be an indication that you have a pest problem. If a plant dies without explanation or seems to be coming up by the roots the damage may be from pests damaging the plant from below the surface. In order to protect your plants from pests you have to be proactive with the treatments you choose and the layout of your garden or flowerbed.


Plants can become diseased in a number of ways. Coming into contact with diseased plant debris and over-watering are both things that can spread disease among plants. It can be difficult to differentiate between disease and some of these other issues because many of the signs look similar. One thing that can set diseased plants apart is the discoloration of the leaves. Some types of disease cause spots or markings on plants that are relatively noticeable. One of the best ways to protect against disease is to keep your flowerbeds and garden free from debris.

Maintaining healthy plants in your yard takes some knowledge and work. You can significantly increase your chances of having the garden you want by keeping an eye out for these common issues that can cause damage to your plants.

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