What Can I Do for My Flowerbeds During the Fall and Winter?

Posted on Oct 24, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

What Can I Do for My Flowerbeds During the Fall and Winter? | The Experienced GardenerMany flowerbeds that were beautiful during the spring and summer turn into dull wastelands full of dead and dying plants during the fall and winter. If the majority of the plants in your flowerbeds are annuals, they will die off once the cooler weather arrives. This can leave your flowerbeds looking messy and sad. What options do you have for creating a flowerbed that still looks beautiful throughout the fall and spring? You can clean it out so it does not look cluttered with plant debris. In addition, you can add in plants that provide year-round visual interest.

Clean out plant debris

No matter what you plan to do for your flowerbeds in the future, the first step for maintaining them is to clean out plant debris. Dead plants look bad in your flowerbed and they have the potential to spread disease to surrounding plants that are healthy. Plant debris can also give pests a place to hide during diapause as they wait out the winter. Once the plants in your flowerbed start to die off it is time dispose of the debris. You can take this opportunity to clean out the entire flowerbed so it is less work once the spring comes back around.

Add plants that provide year-round visual interest

Annual plants can be beautiful but they only survive for one season. Perennial plants seem to die off but they reappear once the weather gets back to a favorable growing temperature. Both types of plants can be beautiful additions to your flowerbeds but they only offer seasonal visual interest. If you want your flowerbeds to continue looking good throughout the fall and winter you need to add plants that provide year-round visual interest. This can include plants like shrubs that remain green all year long. Some types of shrubs are flowering, have leaves that change colors, and provide some type of visual interest in every season. This type of shrub can keep your flowerbeds looking good all year long. Talk to a local plant pro to find out which shrubs work best for the climate in your area.

Your flowerbeds do not have to look cluttered and dreary during the cooler months of the year. Clean them out and add some evergreen shrubs to provide the visual interest that you get from other types of plants during the spring and summer. There is no need to give up on having a beautiful flowerbed simply because your favorite flowers do not grow in the fall or winter.  You can take the design of your flowerbed a step further and fill it with seasonal decorations during the dormant months of the fall and winter. If you need help preparing your flowerbeds for the fall or deciding on which shrubs to add, give the experts at The Experienced Gardener a call.

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