What are Turf Fungicides?

Posted on Jul 5, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What are Turf Fungicides? | The Experienced GardenerDealing with people’s lawns and gardens is a bit of an inexact science, because we’re dealing with nature – and what usually happens when man tries to control nature? It normally doesn’t end well. That makes for good plotlines in a lot of major blockbusters, but it’s also a friendly reminder that nature is a powerful thing with a mind of its own. We can manage it and try to control it, but only to a certain point.

So what does this have to do with fungicides? Well, protecting your lawn from fungi is to protect it from disease. And plant and tree disease is one of the most inexact sciences in nature!

What’s so difficult about it?

Well, it’s the fact that trees and plants can become so easily diseased. In terms of fungi, all it takes is an unlucky wind to infect your lawn. You see, fungal spores are carried by wind, and they can end up in your lawn or on one of your trees at any time. If those spores take hold, you could end up with fungal problems all over the yard.

How does a turf fungicide help?

It’s right there in the name. You’ll apply this fungicide to your “turf” or grass, and it will help protect the lawn from those dangerous fungal spores. Fungicides have different active ingredients, but all strive to provide the same service: a fungi-free yard.

So I just apply a bunch of this and I’m safe?

Not exactly. Some fungicides are meant to be applied only when fungi are actually present, while others are meant to be more proactive and protectant. You’ll have to read individual labels to find the right fungicide for you.

Additionally, you shouldn’t overdo it with the fungicides. Fungicide resistance is a major problem, and if you apply too much, the fungi could quickly adapt and become resistant. That will cause you to apply greater amounts at more frequent intervals, and the fungi may even become completely resistant – meaning the fungicide will stop having any effect at all.

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