What Are The Main Causes For Weeds Developing In Your Yard?

Posted on Sep 15, 2016 8:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Are The Main Causes For Weeds Developing In Your Yard? | The Experienced GardenerI’m going to tell you something that might not be in our best interest, but is very relevant to the topic. It’s about weeds. Want to know how to get rid of them forever? There’s really only one way: don’t have a lawn.

No, seriously, that’s the only way to guarantee you won’t have weeds again. Because these things can truly grow anywhere. We’ve seen them grow between cracks in the driveway, underneath the garage door, even in vertical locations. Weeds are kind of amazing that way.

But with a little elbow grease, some determination, and maybe a bottle of weed killer, we can definitely get rid of weeds. And through smart planning, we can help keep them at bay, too. But first you should understand the main causes of this problem:

  • They can grow in almost any situation

In case that wasn’t clear from the intro, you can get weeds almost anywhere with some dirt – even if that dirt is underneath pavement (like the driveway). Weed spores can be carried by the wind, and since they can grow literally anywhere, you can’t stop them from arriving. Weed spores can land on your dead lawn and start germinating.

Beyond that, weeds can be spread via water, animals or even humans. Bottom line: they’ll keep showing up. You need to be ready to fight them.

  • And how can I do that?

Having a strong lawn is one of the best defenses, because healthy grass can help defend itself. A nice lawn will have strong roots underneath, which will be more resistant as weeds try to steal root space. Additionally, proper mowing is essential. Every type of grass has an ideal length, which you should strive to stay near. Regular mowing will also lop the heads off of weeds, which stunts their growth.

  • Seems like a tough task…

Well, it is “like pulling weeds,” as they say. But if you don’t have the time or patience to deal with this, we’re always happy to help. Curious to learn what we can do for you? Just contact us today. We have clients of all types and lawn sizes, and we can help you, too.

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