What Are The Key Ingredients for Creating a Healthy Yard?

Posted on Jun 8, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Are The Key Ingredients for Creating a Healthy Yard? | The Experienced GardenerThere are some yards that stand out from the others around them. They look lush and healthy while others seem to struggle to keep up. Why the difference? What are the key ingredients to creating a healthy yard? There are a number of things you can do to help your yard be a standout.

Learn about your yard and climate

Learning about your yard and climate is the first ingredient that will help you create a healthy yard. The details about these two elements will dictate the timing of the other key ingredients. First, if you do not already know, determine what type of grass you have. Different types of grass have different growing and dormant seasons. This information is important because it will help you know when to apply the appropriate treatments to your yard.

It is important to learn about the climate in your part of the country because it can significantly impact the health of your yard. The amount of rain you get determines the level at which you need to water your yard. In addition, if you are thinking of planting more grass in your yard you can use your climate information to choose the grass that is most likely to thrive.

Aerate your yard

Aeration is the process of creating small holes throughout your lawn and it is the second key ingredient for creating a healthy yard. It is a way to get nutrients down to the roots of your grass. Aeration also helps relieve compaction and allows the roots of your grass to spread out and become better established. You only have to aerate occasionally but it can do a lot to improve the health of your yard.   

Fertilize your yard

The third key ingredient for creating a healthy yard is fertilization. Fertilization provides your yard with important nutrients that it may not get from other sources. When you aerate your yard it is a good time to apply fertilizer. The holes created by aeration make space for the fertilizer to get directly to the roots. Fertilizing your yard on a regular schedule will strengthen it and help it become healthier overall.

A healthy, lush yard takes some work. The good news is that some of the keys for creating a healthy yard only have to be done occasionally. After you take some time to learn about your yard and its’ needs you can start taking practical steps toward making it more healthy. If you need help with any of these three steps give your local lawn care professional a call. They can teach you about the needs of your yard and even do the aeration and fertilization for you. Whether you do these tasks on your own or call in professional help, these key ingredients are an important part of helping you create the yard you want.     

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