What are the Biggest Threats to a Healthy Landscape?

Posted on Dec 26, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

What are the Biggest Threats to a Healthy Landscape? | The Experienced GardenerA healthy landscape is something that you can enjoy day in and day out. It is nice to look at and can provide a place for your family to play. Unfortunately, many homeowners find it extremely difficult to establish and maintain a healthy landscape. There are a number of threats that can sabotage the health of your yard. These threats include neglect, weeds, pests, and lack of nutrition. Addressing these issues will help you get and maintain the landscape you want.


It is difficult to give your landscape the attention it needs and keep up with all of the other demands in your life. Neglect is one of the biggest threats to a healthy landscape. If you have to choose between an important work project and yardwork, which would win out? If there is a family event but the yard needs attention, what would you do? The reality is that the list of things that are more important than yardwork is pretty long. If you are unwilling to sacrifice the time needed to get a healthy lawn then it is never going to happen. In this situation, the key to getting the healthy landscape you want is to bring in professional help.


Weeds are a problem for landscapes all over the country. They grow quickly and stick out like a sore thumb. Beyond just looking bad, weeds also threaten the health of your yard. They can steal nutrients from new grass that is trying to grow and crowd it out. In order to have a healthy landscape you must have a plan for dealing with weeds. The most effective way to eliminate and protect against weeds is to invest in chemical weed control services.


Pests are another common threat to the health of your landscape. They can literally eat away at your lawn and leave it looking sickly or dead. Pests can be difficult to eliminate from your yard once they have infested and started to multiply. If you suspect a pest problem in your yard, do not delay action. Pests will continue to cause damage in your yard until you take steps to stop them. 

Lack of nutrition

Lack of nutrition can make it impossible for you to establish a healthy landscape. If your lawn is not getting the nutrients it needs from the soil it will never look the way you want. It is common for soil in some areas to lack important nutritional elements. You can fight against this issue by having your lawn aerated and fertilized. These two processes – when done in conjunction with one another – can provide your lawn with a boost in nutrition that leads to a healthier landscape.

You can get help protecting against these threats to your landscape (along with others) from the pros at The Experienced Gardener. The Experienced Gardener offers services that include chemical weed, pest, and disease control. In addition, you can have your lawn aerated and fertilized by the experts at The Experienced Gardener. If you are ready to stop neglecting the health of your landscape, get in touch today.

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