What Are The Benefits Of Seasonal Scheduled Lawn Services?

Posted on Mar 22, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Are The Benefits Of Seasonal Scheduled Lawn Services? | The Experienced GardenerHiring a professional lawn care service can include so much more than just basic lawn maintenance. Mowing the lawn and getting rid of weeds are a given, but that’s not all a good lawn care expert will do for your yard. Scheduling a seasonal lawn care service will do everything involved in making sure your lawn is maintained well and consistently healthy. Here are a few of the ways your lawn care professional will provide for your lawn.


Water and sun aren’t the only things your lawn needs to grown green and lush year after year. It also needs nutrients. Making sure your lawn and garden get the nutrients they need involves two factors: aeration and fertilization. Fertilization provides the nutrients your lawn needs, and aeration allows those nutrients to distribute evenly, so that you don’t end up with a patchy lawn. There are even services like tree injections and deep root feedings that go above and beyond to protect and maintain the elements of your yard.

Customized Strategy

Sometimes people don’t understand how much timing and planning play a role in yard maintenance. One of the best things about having a trusted professional that works on your yard is the experience and knowledge they bring to the table. They know that each lawn is different, and has unique needs. A good local company will also have a lot of knowledge about the climate and how it will affect your yard. They’ll put together a custom plan to make sure all the needs of your lawn, plants and trees are met.

Protecting Your Yard

Unfortunately there are several different things that pose a threat to your yard. This includes weeds, pests, and diseases. Having a scheduled, seasonal service checking up on your lawn season after season will help prevent these issues. Professional landscapers have all the tools needed to fight against disease, and get rid of weeds. It will also help catch any problems early on, which is essential to keeping your plants and lawn alive.


Simply put, seasonal scheduled lawn care is the best way to ensure that your yard will look great throughout the year. Letting a professional and experienced lawn care expert handle these services will help protect the investment that you made when you first put your lawn and garden in. Keeping up on the small services involved with lawn care will help you save money in the long run by helping you avoid major problems in the future.

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