What Are Systemic Tree Injections?

Posted on Oct 31, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Are Systemic Tree Injections? | The Experienced GardenerSystemic tree injections are one of the best developments in agricultural industry in the best 20 years. To put it simply, tree injections are the process of directly applying pesticides to the vascular system of trees. Before the development of this system, people were forced to use a standard spray pesticide to prevent harmful pests from ruining their trees. Not only did tree injection become a hugely effective solution to that problem, but it also helped with several diseases that can lead to tree death. This method is often looked at as the most effective and environmentally friendly, so you really can’t go wrong employing it in your yard or garden. Here are a few of the major benefits to the tree injection method:

Reduces Wasted Pesticides:

One of the biggest problems with a spray formula pesticide is waste. Just think about it: when you spray down a tree in your front yard, it’s likely that some of that formula will be picked up by the wind and distributed somewhere other than the intended tree. Even with great aim, there’s no way to predict when a breeze will pick up, and when it does it can often be so light that it’s undetectable to you. This can be a huge waste of resources. You might think you sprayed your tree with enough formula, not knowing that 20% of it never came into contact with the tree at all, and end up having to go in a second time in order to get the desired results. With injections, the spray is guaranteed to be distributed to the intended tree, first try.

Environmentally Friendly:

For the same reason mentioned above, spray formula pesticides can be damaging to the environment. For example, if you spray down a tree on your lawn and you live in an urban environment, a breeze might carry the pesticides to a nearby water supply, through an outdoor market, a park full of animals, or even over a local school. These pesticides can be damaging to people, animals, plants and the environment in general. The use of tree injections basically eliminates that problem by delivering the pesticides to the tree it’s intended for and keeping it contained within that tree’s system.

More Effective and Quick:

Especially for trees that are extremely tall, such as redwoods or sequoias, spraying pesticides can be nearly impossible. Injecting the “medicine” these trees need using professional injection tools that have been recently developed can make that daunting task quick, simple and effective.

For these reasons, tree injections are a great benefit to anyone who has trees in their yard. Of course, when using any pesticides it’s incredibly important to use the right products. Picking the correct pesticide and making sure you know what specific issues your trees might be at risk for or dealing with is the first step, so do your research before starting any tree injections. If you’re having trouble or feel unsure, it might be a good idea to call a professional and ask for a consultation to make sure you don’t accidentally damage the tree in your attempt to help it.

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