What Are Some Low Maintenance Landscape Options for the Exterior of my Office?

Posted on Jul 27, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Are Some Low Maintenance Landscape Options for the Exterior of my Office? | The Experienced GardenerThe landscaping on the exterior of your office building is important because it leaves people with an impression of your business. But, getting too elaborate with your landscaping can lead to you spending more time than you want maintaining it. Finding low maintenance options that also look great is usually the best combination for landscaping at office buildings. You can do this by being intentional about the plants and shrubs you choose and bringing in outside help when necessary.

Choose native flowers and shrubs

Native flowers and shrubs are one of the most low maintenance options you have. Since they naturally grow in your area they will not require as much watering or attention as non-native plants. For example, different plants grow in dry and arid climates than ones that grow in climates that get more rain. If you live in a dry climate and plant a flower that is native to a wet climate then you will have to give that plant a lot of attention in order for it to thrive.

Plant perennials and evergreens

Perennial plants are a low maintenance choice because they return year after year. Some of them die back once the weather reaches as certain temperature and then return when it warms back up. Evergreen plants do not die back and retain their look throughout the year. These two options will save you time, money, and effort because you do not have to re-plant year after year.

Match sunlight needs

If you want low maintenance landscape options it is important to think about the amount and type of sunlight the outside of your office gets. Match the needs of the plants you choose with the amount of sunlight you get. If you have shady areas then do not choose plants that need full sun. The plants you choose will be much more likely to thrive if they get the amount of sunlight they need.

Get a professional opinion

A lawn care professional can help you decide on what types of plants will work best at your office. Call your local lawn care company or visit a locally owned nursery to talk to someone who understands the plants that work well in your area. You will likely learn about options you never considered on your own. In addition, you can talk to a lawn care professional about setting your business up on regularly scheduled lawn care services. These can protect your landscape from weeds and disease which will ultimately make it more low maintenance.

Keeping the landscape of your business looking good is important but you cannot spend all of your time working on it. You can limit the time and effort required to maintain it by choosing low maintenance landscape options and preventing problems like weeds and disease with regularly scheduled lawn care services.  

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