What Are Some Easy To Care For Fall Vegetables?

Posted on Oct 5, 2017 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

What Are Some Easy To Care For Fall Vegetables? | The Experienced GardenerMany people dream of growing their own vegetables. But not everyone has the time, or the green thumb required to do so. With California’s fall season right around the corner, now may be the best time to start a vegetable garden, even if you have never done any gardening before.

We’ve compiled a list of easy-to-care for vegetables that you can start planting now, and harvest in the next few months. 


Tomatoes can be grown in hanging baskets or other containers, and if they get plenty of sun, and have support for their stalks, you can have great tomato plants with minimal effort. When adding tomatoes to your garden, you may find it easiest to start with a starter plants from a garden center.

Some gardeners will even swear that you can neglect tomatoes, and forget to water them, and it won’t be detrimental to the plant. Some people even think that they will taste better with less water.

Bonus, if you plant basil next to your tomatoes, you’ll naturally repel pests and may even get tastier tomatoes.


Cucumbers do well in containers. And as long as they have support for their climbing, and plenty of sunlight and warm temperatures, they should be easy to grow. With a little bit of water added to the mix, cucumbers may grow faster than you can eat them! Bush, rather than vine cucumbers are best for containers and small spaces.


Carrots are relatively easy to grow. That being said, they may not be as large as the ones you’re used to seeing in the store, especially if you have rocky soil. Carrots need deep, well-drained soil, so a raised garden bed may be ideal. Carrots can tolerate a bit of shade, although the prefer full sun.

Lettuce greens

Lettuce grow quickly, is a snap to collect, and takes up surprisingly little space. Speaking of space, if you don’t have a lot of room, lettuce can be grown in containers.


Radishes are a root vegetable that grows quickly. They only take about 20 days to reach full size. Radishes are versatile and can be used in salads, appetizers, and as side dishes. Radishes do well in either a garden bed or a container, but just make sure they have 6 inches of soil. Water the radishes before the soil dries out.


Zucchinis are a summer squash that grows well through the summer and fall. They can grow well in containers or mounded soil. They also grow easily from seeds. 

Green beans

Green beans and string beans are easy to grow and are ideal for home gardens. You have your pick of bean varieties to choose from, but the bush type will take up less space than the vine verities. Whichever you choose, chances are, they’re easily grown from seeds. Most beans prefer full sun and soil that is well drained.

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