Weed Control Options for the Fall

Posted on Oct 18, 2018 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Weed Control Options for the Fall | The Experienced Gardener

The active growing season for most types of grass is about to coming to an end. This means that you will soon get a break from constantly dealing with cutting grass and killing weeds. Depending on your climate, you may need to keep mowing and dealing with weeds for a little while longer this fall. If the weeds in your yard are still causing problems then you should continue fighting them. Giving up and waiting for the cold to take care of the weeds could actually lead to a bigger problem in the spring. Two of the most effective options for weed control in the fall are removal by hand and chemical treatment.

Removal by hand

If your yard is small or you only have a few weeds then removing them by hand may be your best option. There are a couple things you need to keep in mind if you choose this method. First, remove the weed all the way down to the roots. Leaving the root will guarantee that the weed will quickly return. A small shovel or trowel should do the trick when it comes to removing weeds at the root. The second thing you need to be aware of is the ‘seeds’ of the weed. For example, the stickers that fall from a sticker plant can turn into more sticker plants. Be careful when you pull out these types of plants not to unwittingly spread more weeds. Keep a trashcan or bag close by so you can quickly put the weeds away a limit the spread.

Chemical treatment

Chemical treatment is also an option for dealing with weeds that are still hanging around this fall. A local lawn care professional in will have a working knowledge of the best chemical options for the weeds that plague your area. There are DIY options for treating the weeds in your yard with chemical sprays. These can work in some situations but you may find that it cost more to go the DIY route because of the time and tools required. Chemical treatment can get rid of the weeds you currently have and can help minimize further issues in the fall. If you have the weeds treated appropriately the chemicals can eradicate them at a root level. Getting to the root level of the weeds is the only way to keep them from returning.

If you want to get rid of weeds this fall and for the long term then ignoring them and waiting until the winter halts their growth is not a good strategy. You have to either remove the weeds from the root by hand or kill them down to the root using a chemical spray. The amount of weeds you have and the time you want to devote to dealing with them will impact which method is the best option for you.

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