Ways to Protect Your Yard from Damaging Pests

Posted on Jul 25, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

XPGar-blog_Ways to Protect Your Yard from Damaging PestsThere are a number of pests that can cause serious damage to your yard. Examples of damage these pests can cause include chewed up blades of grass, discolored patches of grass, raised spots and piles of dirt, and ultimately the death of your lawn. If you want to protect your yard from damaging pests there are some practical steps you can take.

DIY efforts

You can find many different types of do-it-yourself options for lawn pest control. There are chemical spray options and granules that you can apply to kill off damaging yard pests. The type of treatment option you should use depends on what type of pests you have in your yard and the tools you have available for application. If you know that there is a particular type of pest common to your area or type of lawn then look for treatment options designed to eradicate that specific pest. There are also treatment options that are intended to protect your lawn against multiple types of pests. Take some time to learn about the type of lawn you have and the pests that are common to your area. This information will help you make the best possible choice of DIY pest treatment.   

Proper lawn care

Proper lawn care is another way to protect your yard from damaging pests. A healthy yard is not impervious to pests but it can stand up to the threat much better than a weak lawn. You can build up the health of your lawn with regular watering, aeration, fertilization, and weed control. If you do these tasks properly and consistently over time the health of your yard will improve and its susceptibility to pests will decrease. You can do any and all of these tasks on your own or bring in a lawn care company for assistance. An added benefit of having professionals handling your lawn care is that they will be able to recognize the signs of pest activity.   

Professional intervention

Professional intervention is one of the most effective ways to protect your yard from damaging pests. A professional lawn care company will have the tools, chemicals, and expertise to treat your lawn for pests quickly and effectively. You can set your home up on regularly scheduled professional treatments to provide it with continuous protection against yard pests.

You have several options for protecting your yard from damaging pests. Proper lawn care should always be part of what you do to protect your lawn from pests. When it comes to chemical protection, DIY and professional treatment methods are both viable options. At the end of the day the best option for protecting your yard from pests is the one that you can apply consistently.

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