Ways to Protect Your Lawn from Drought this Summer

Posted on May 7, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Ways to Protect Your Lawn from Drought this SummerDrought is an ever-present threat to California lawns during the summer. The variable nature of California weather means that it is difficult to predict what the summer will be like in terms of precipitation. It is always a good idea to prepare your lawn for the possibility of drought so it is protected throughout the summer. You can protect your lawn from drought by strengthening it, adding in seed of drought resistant grass, and establishing a watering schedule.

Strengthen your lawn

Spend some time focusing on the health of your lawn in order to get it ready for drought. A healthy lawn is more resistant to threats like weeds, disease, pests, and drought. This is because a healthy lawn has a strong root system and cannot be easily crowded out or killed off by weeds and pests. In the case of drought, a strong root system will help you grass gain access to water more easily. You can start strengthening your lawn by incorporating aeration and fertilization into your normal lawn care routine. You can schedule out a time to do these tasks on your own or set up regularly scheduled lawn care services through a professional. Developing a strong lawn is one of the best defenses against the possibility of drought.  

Plant drought resistant grass seed

Some varieties of grass are more resistant to drought than others. The University of California has a list of grass types and ranks them based on their level of drought resistance. Bermuda tops the list of the most drought resistant type of grass for California lawns. If your entire yard needs to be seeded with grass then consider this drought resistant variety. If you already have grass you can add in some drought resistant seed to strengthen what you already have.

Establish a watering schedule

Everyone knows that under watering your yard can lead to it dying off. But, over watering is also a potential threat to your lawn. Too little or too much water can make your yard more susceptible to disease. You should learn about the water needs of your grass in order to keep the right balance. Understanding the water needs of your yard can help you if a drought does occur. You can give your yard only the amount of water it needs and minimize any waste that could potentially exacerbate a drought problem. 

If you have put a lot of work into your yard the possibility of drought this summer is a stressful thought. You cannot control the weather but you can take steps to protect your lawn from the impact of a drought. A healthy, strong, and well cared for lawn will be able to survive a drought much easier than one that is weak and unhealthy.
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