Ways Lawn Care Needs are Impacted by Weather

Posted on Jun 20, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Ways Lawn Care Needs are Impacted by Weather | The Experienced GardenerThe weather conditions outside have a direct impact on what your yard is doing and what it needs. The time of year dictates whether your grass is growing or dormant. The type and amount of pest activity in your yard also depends on the season. These variations in growth and pest activity mean that the needs of your yard also vary. The nutrition, maintenance, and chemical protection needs of your yard are different from season to season. Since summer is upon us the focus of this post is on how lawn care needs are impacted by the warm weather.  


As the weather warms up after winter, most variations of grass move from a dormant stage to a growing stage. When grass is dormant it does not need a lot in the way of nutrition. Dormancy is a time of rest and recuperation for the grass so it does not require as much nutrition during that time. Once grass starts growing again the nutritional needs increase exponentially. When your grass is in a growing phase you need to provide it with proper and consistent nutrition. This can include tasks such as aerating and fertilizing your lawn. If your soil is low on a particular nutrient you can apply fertilizer or an additive to the soil to balance it out. You can set your yard up on a schedule designed to provide it with consistent nutrition. You can set up and execute this care schedule on your own or hire a professional lawn care company to do it for you.


In the spring and summer your lawn will need much more maintenance than other times of the year. Your grass is growing which means you need to mow it regularly to keep it healthy and looking good. You can maximize the wellbeing of your yard by maintaining it properly. Cutting your grass too short can damage the root systems. Letting it grow too long will give weeds and disease more opportunity to invade. If you want to take care of your lawn maintenance effectively you need to learn about the ideal cutting height and schedule. Getting these two factors right will streamline the process and give you the best results. If you do not have the time or resources to keep up with your lawn care needs you can always bring in professional help.

Chemical protection

The weather has an impact on the chemical protection needs of your lawn. Many types of pests and disease are more active during the warmer months. One reason for this is the fact that the grass is more appealing to them when it is actively growing. You need to have chemical protection from pests and disease applied to your yard throughout the growing season in order to maintain a consistent barrier against these threats.

You should adjust your lawn care activity based on the weather because it has a direct impact on the condition of your yard. You will spend much more time caring for your yard in the summer than you will during the winter months. If you are consistent with your lawn care duties you can prevent many of the things that can cause problems for your yard in the summer. If you need help with the tasks mentioned here-or have any other lawn related needs-get in touch with your local lawn care professional.

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