Top Shrub and Tree Care Tasks to Add to Your List

Posted on Aug 29, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Top Shrub and Tree Care Tasks to Add to Your ListTrees and shrubs often seem low maintenance because they do not require the same level of attention as many smaller plants. Their deep root systems allow them to continue thriving even in dry conditions. While trees and shrubs do require less attention, it does not mean you can ignore them completely. Neglecting to provide any type of care to your trees and shrubs can lead to serious problems that will demand your attention and possibly your money. You can avoid most major problems with your trees and shrubs by putting growth management, deep root feedings, and insect and disease control on your list of routine lawn maintenance tasks.

Growth management

Trees and some types of shrubs have the ability to cause big problems for homeowners if their growth is not managed. A tree that grows too close to a house can put the structure at risk from falling branches and large roots. Sidewalks, concrete foundations, and systems can be damaged by large roots over time. In addition, when tree growth is not managed it is more difficult to spot signs of disease or pest damage. This can lead to a situation where parts of the tree are damaged or dead and become a safety hazard. Overgrown shrubs near a house can create problems to the property’s foundation, structure, or plumbing system with their roots. You can protect against these potential problems by adding tree and shrub growth management to your list of home maintenance tasks. You can learn to do these tasks on your own and invest in the necessary equipment or hire a lawn care professional.

Deep root feeding

If you want to boost the growth and wellbeing of your trees and shrubs then add deep root feedings to your list. Deep root feedings can give the trees and shrubs on your property a direct shot of nutrition. The nutrition will be carried throughout the system of the tree/shrub and provide a widespread boost to health. Talk to your lawn care professional to get specific recommendations for deep root feedings based on the season and types of trees/shrubs in your yard.

Insect and disease control

Insect and disease control are shrub and tree care tasks worth adding to your to-do list. Tiny insects have the ability to do serious damage to trees and shrubs. Pests such as carpenter ants and Formosan termites can cause large scale damage to trees. Other pests like aphids and caterpillars can damage the leaves of the shrubs in your garden. Disease is a threat to both trees and shrubs. It can impact the way your trees and shrubs look as well as their health. Proactive insect and disease control will protect your trees and shrubs from the damage caused by these threats. You can set up regularly scheduled treatment services with your lawn care professional to control for insects and disease.

These tree and shrub care tasks do not have to be completed on a daily or weekly basis. You can work with your lawn care professional to establish a maintenance routine that will keep your trees and shrubs healthy all year long.

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