Tips for Taking Care of the Shrubs in Your Yard During the Fall

Posted on Oct 1, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Tips for Taking Care of the Shrubs in Your Yard During the Fall | The Experienced GardenerThe shrubs in your yard do not require the same amount of attention as your more delicate plants. Established shrubs are similar to trees because they do not need to be watered or attended to on a daily basis. The fact that shrubs are generally low maintenance causes many homeowners to ignore them altogether. Unfortunately, shrubs are not completely immune to all threats. They do need care from time to time to ensure that they are healthy and protected from threats. As the summer transitions into fall it is a good time to look at the health of your shrubs and provide them with some care. You can take care of the shrubs in your yard during the fall by removing debris that has accumulated around them, treating them for disease, and protecting them from pests.

Remove debris that has accumulated around your shrubs

If you have dense shrubs around your home you may not notice when debris accumulates around the bottom of them. Dead leaves, dead vegetation, garbage, and other debris can get blown in or otherwise pushed under the shrubs and get stuck. A large buildup of debris can prevent shrubs from getting the nutrition they need. In addition, dead vegetation has the potential to spread disease and pests to your shrubs. Remove any debris that has accumulated around your shrubs and prevent it from building up as the leaves begin to fall this season.

Treat your shrubs for disease

Disease is one of the main threats to the health of your shrubs. Signs of debris include discolored leaves and bare spots on the shrubs. If you notice either of these signs you need to take action in order to keep your shrubs healthy and alive. A lawn care professional can tell you if your shrubs are diseased, what type of disease is causing the issue, and provide you with treatment options. The fall is a great time to do this because it can help protect your shrubs as they potentially go into dormancy through the winter.

Protect your shrubs from pests

Another way to take care of the shrubs in your yard this fall is to protect them from pests. Pests can do widespread damage to the shrubs in your yard. If you notice that the leaves of your shrubs look misshapen it could be a sign that pests are eating them. You can confirm your suspicions by finding pests in the act and/or bringing in professional help. If you have pests on your shrubs you need to eradicate them to prevent further damage.

Following the tips outlined above will help you keep your shrubs healthy this fall and throughout the year. You can get help protecting your shrubs from threats like disease and pests from the experts at The Experienced Gardener.

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