Tips for Taking Care of the Shrubs in Your Yard

Posted on Aug 8, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Tips for Taking Care of the Shrubs in Your Yard | Experienced GardenerShrubs are an important aspect of the overall landscape of a yard. Many types of shrubs are evergreen and they are often much larger than the surrounding plants. Shrubs are generally the largest plant in a yard other than the trees. Because of their size and perennial status it is important to take care of the shrubs in your yard. It is more expensive and labor intensive to replace a mature shrub that died of than it is to properly care for that shrub and protect its health. You can take care of the shrubs in your yard by keeping debris cleared away, preventing overgrowth, keeping an eye out for disease/pest activity, and by looking into deep root feedings.

Keep debris cleared away

It is easy for debris to build up around your shrubs. If the branches of your shrubs are close to the ground debris such as leaves and trash can build up. A large buildup of debris can prevent important nutrients from getting to the roots of your shrubs. Check the area surrounding the base of your shrubs occasionally for any signs of debris. If you find debris, clear it out and check periodically for more debris in the future.

Trim to prevent overgrowth

Overgrowth of your shrubs can lead to damage. If the branches of your shrub get weighed down they can break off and leave bare or uneven spots. You can prevent overgrowth by trimming your shrubs regularly. The frequency with which you need to trim your shrubs depends on the growth rate of that particular shrub. Many slow growing shrubs only need trimming once or twice per year.

Keep an eye out for disease and pest activity

Disease and pests are two of the biggest threats to the health of your shrubs. Keep an eye out for signs of activity and take immediate action. Signs of disease often show up as spots on leaves or discolored leaves. Pests generally eat away at the leaves on the shrubs. If you notice discolored leaves or ones with holes/missing parts then you have a threat to the health of your shrubs. You can take care of these issues when chemical treatments.

Look into deep root feedings

Deep root feedings are an option that can give your shrubs a boost of nutrition. The professionals at the Experienced Gardener can apply deep root feedings to your shrubs. This is a proactive way to maximize the health of your shrubs so they thrive year after year.

You can take care of the shrubs in your yard by following the four tips outlined above. If you want or need more help, then get in touch with the pros at the Experienced Gardener.  You can get help identifying and treating the signs of pests and disease and discuss the option of deep root feedings for the shrubs in your yard.

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