Tips for Keeping Your Shrubs Looking Good all Year Long

Posted on Jun 18, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Tips for Keeping Your Shrubs Looking Good all Year Long | The Experienced GardenerShrubs are often a foundational part of an overall landscaping design. These plants are generally much bigger than the other plants in your flowerbeds. If you have evergreen shrubs they can provide color and shape to your garden all year long. Flowering shrubs will give you an extra burst of color and interest at certain times of the year. No matter what type of shrub you prefer there are a few tips you need to keep in mind if you want them to look good all year long.

Don’t forget about your shrubs

Shrubs do not generally require a lot of attention once they are established. Deep roots mean that you do not have to water them constantly-even in the summer heat. The fact that many types of shrubs are low maintenance makes them appealing for a variety of yard projects. But, the fact that shrubs can thrive without a lot of attention does not mean that you should completely forget about them. In order to keep your shrubs looking their best you do need to give them some attention from time to time. The most common type of attention shrubs need is trimming. Shapely shrubs can be a beautiful addition to any yard. But, most shrubs do not naturally have a shape that homeowners want. If you want perfectly round shrubs or want them all to look consistent then you will spend some time trimming them to the desired shape. Fortunately, this task will not require a lot of your time.

Feed them

It is a good idea to provide your shrubs with a little extra nutrition once or twice a year. The exact nutritional needs will depend on the type of shrubs you have. This extra boost of nutrition will help keep your shrubs looking great and maximize their health. When your shrubs are healthy they have more natural defenses against threats like pests, disease, and drought.

Address problems quickly

Shrubs are resilient plants but they are still susceptible to certain threats. If you notice any signs of a problem the best way to protect your shrubs is to take quick action. Signs of problems include leaves that are being eaten away, spots or other types of discoloration on the leaves, and poor growth. If you notice any of these issues-or if your shrubs simply do not seem to be thriving-then give your pest control professional a call. In order to save your shrubs from potential threats you need to address them as soon as possible.

Shrubs are one of the easiest types of plants to maintain all year long. Following the steps outlined above will keep your shrubs looking great and protect them from any issues that arise. You can do many of the shrub care tasks on your own with a relatively small time commitment. But, if you do need help the Experienced Gardener has the tools and experience necessary to keep your shrubs and lawn looking good year round.

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