Tips for Keeping Weeds from Taking Over the Yard

Posted on Aug 6, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Tips for Keeping Weeds from Taking Over the Yard | Experienced GardenerWeeds are one of the biggest enemies of homeowners who are trying to have a beautiful yard. Weeds can steal away nutrition from the soil and surrounding plants inhibiting the growth of the plants you actually want.  Weeds grow more quickly than grass and can cause you to have to mow much more frequently. If you do not proactively protect your yard against weeds they will completely take over. You can prevent this from happening by strengthening your grass, killing off the weeds currently in your yard, and by preventing them from coming back.

Strengthen your grass

One of the best defenses against weeds is strong grass. When your grass is strong it is much more difficult for weeds to crowd it out. There are a number of steps you can take to strengthen your grass. Setting your yard up on a regular watering schedule will provide it with some of the consistent nutrition it needs to stay healthy. It is important not to over or underwater your grass. The different species of grass have varying water needs so you must learn about the particular type of grass that is in your yard. Two other important steps for strengthening your yard are aeration and fertilization. Aeration is the process of pulling small plugs of dirt out of your yard. These missing plugs of earth expose the roots of your grass. The exposed roots can then be fed much more directly after aeration. Immediately following aeration is the perfect time to apply fertilizer to your yard. Proper water, aeration, and fertilization will all work together to strengthen your grass and help protect your yard from weeds.

Kill off the weeds currently in your yard

If you currently have weeds in your yard then it is in danger of being taken over. In order to protect it you must kill off the weeds that are presently infesting your grass. There are a number of methods for eliminating weeds in your yard. You can pull them by hand, apply DIY weed killer, or have a professional come in and apply chemical treatment. Any of these options can get rid of some of your weeds but professional intervention will provide you with the quickest and most effective results.

Prevent weeds from coming back

Weeds will not stay out of your yard simply because you killed them off one time. Weeds will continue to try and invade your yard if given the chance. In order to protect your lawn from being taken over by weeds you need to take regular, proactive action against them. One option is to set your home up on regularly schedule weed control services. You can have a professional come out to your property and spray for weeds on a schedule that will keep them away.

If you consistently follow the three tips outlined above you can protect your yard from being taken over by weeds. The pros at the Experienced Gardener can help you set your yard up on a spray schedule that will provide continuous protection against weeds.

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