Tips for Helping Your Yard Survive the Heat

Posted on Aug 13, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Tips for Helping Your Yard Survive the HeatSummer is one of the prime growing seasons for grass and plants. But, it is also a time of year where there are a number of serious threats to your yard. Extreme heat is one of the most serious threats to your grass and garden. It can quickly scorch your grass and leave you looking out at a brown dead yard instead of the lush green one you imagined. There are a few tips that you can follow to help your yard survive the summer heat: provide nutrition, be consistent with watering, protect it from pests, and protect it from disease.

Provide nutrition

A strong yard is the best defense against the treat of heat. You can help your yard become and remain strong by consistently providing it with nutrition. The best way to do this is to combine the processes of aeration and fertilization. Aeration opens up the roots of your grass and allows nutrition to get directly to the roots. Fertilization provides a boost of nutrition to your grass and can help strengthen it from the roots up. Your yard is much more likely to survive the summer heat if it is consistently getting the nutrition it needs.

Be consistent with watering

One of the biggest threats to your yard during the heat is lack of water. The summer sun quickly sucks up any water that finds its way naturally to your grass. You can help you yard survive the heat by making sure it gets an adequate amount of water. Keep in mind that many areas of California put water restrictions into place during the heat of the summer. Stay on top of the latest info about restrictions in your area and water your yard accordingly.

Protect it from pests

Pests are a threat to the health of your grass and their presence can weaken your yard’s ability to survive the heat. Pests can damage grass at the root leading to a weakened yard and ultimately contributing to its death. You can help your yard survive these threats by having chemical pest control applied on a regular basis.  

Protect it from disease

As with pests, disease can weaken your yard and make it more susceptible to the threat of high heat. Disease can cause your yard to have yellow or brown patches. If you do not intervene disease can spread and contribute to the death of your yard during the summer. Chemical disease control can provide your yard with continuous protection from this threat.

The summer heat can take a toll on the health and look of your lawn. It takes consistent action on your part to protect your yard from the threat of extreme heat. If you need help with these tasks (and others) you can get it from a professional lawn care company.

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