Three Ways to Take Care For Your Landscape During Winter

Posted on Jan 19, 2016 8:30:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Three Ways to Take Care For Your Landscape During Winter | The Experienced GardenerWell, we certainly jumped right into winter this year, didn’t we? After another lengthy summer, the temperatures have definitely dropped to where they belong in December. We’re experiencing record lows throughout the state, and thankfully getting a little rain, to boot.

Gardening goes into hibernation around this time as well. When the weather is so chilly, people would rather stay by the fire than tend to their lawns. Not to mention so many plants and trees begin to die from the conditions. So does that mean you can ignore your landscape until the temperatures rise again? Not exactly.

Here are three ways to care for your landscape during winter:

1. Clear Those Leaves

If you have trees – or really, if anyone in your neighborhood has trees – then you probably have a fair amount of leaves on your lawn. You might think it’s merely an eyesore, but those leaves are actually hampering your grass. They will block the sunlight from reaching the roots, and the sun is already weak enough during the winter as it is. So rake up the leaves and ensure your grass can enjoy the limited sun exposure it gets. 

2. Stay Off Of It

Your lawn is in rough shape during the winter, especially once the temperature drops to freezing levels. You’ve likely noticed ice crystals on the grass before, which is totally natural. However, it’s important during frigid times to leave the lawn alone. Stay completely off of it, in order to avoid damaging the already brittle grass further.

3. Take the Opportunity to Prune                   

Since your shrubs, bushes and trees won’t be growing much right now, it’s the perfect time for pruning. You can trim your bushes to your liking, but take care when trimming tree branches. You should only prune branches that are failing or dying, otherwise you’ll cause more harm than good.

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