Three Tips For Caring For Your Yard During A Drought

Posted on Nov 17, 2015 8:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Three Tips For Caring For Your Yard During A Drought | The Experienced Gardener

It only took four years, but Californians are finally beginning to take the drought seriously – probably because they have to, now. After a voluntary reduction in water usage brought mediocre results, Gov. Jerry Brown issued a whole slew of mandates to curb water waste. One of those measures involved asking Californians to let their grass simply die or replace it with vegetation that requires less maintenance and water. As a landscaping business, we’re not crazy about that concept, but we understand the need to make changes.

So what can you do about caring for your own yard during such dry times? Here are three tips to consider:

Ensure your yard is aerated twice a year

Aeration is great for any lawn, but it will do wonders when water is scarce. Aeration is a simple process of making holes in the soil, in order to expose the roots underneath. That way, water, sun and nutrients can reach those roots and help them grow stronger. And if you want your thirsty grass to survive the drought, strong roots will be of major assistance.

Don’t skip out on the extras

Pretty much everyone understands that water+sunlight is necessary for any lawn, but you can certainly do more to help it grow. You can purchase lawn fertilizer at any home improvement store, and it will provide your lawn with extra nutrients. Additionally, you can consider making a mulch with your old lawn clippings and leaves, or purchase pre-made mulch and apply it to the grass as well.

Consider opting for a different type of “lawn”

We obviously enjoy a beautiful green lawn as much as anyone, but as the song says, you can’t always get what you want. And if water is so scarce around here, why bother with grass? There are plenty of other options available that require less water and upkeep – or sometimes none at all. For instance, you could install fake grass, or re-do the lawn with bark or rocks. There are plenty of attractive alternatives to grass – all you need is a vivid imagination, an open mind, and a lack of water!

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