Three Steps You Must Take to Get a Healthy Yard

Posted on May 9, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Three Steps You Must Take to Get a Healthy YardA healthy yard is possible if you are intentional with your efforts. There are a few steps you have to take in order to get the strong and lush lawn you want. You must feed your yard the nutrition it needs, prevent disease, and protect it from threats. These three steps will strengthen your yard and isolate it from the elements that can damage or kill it.

Feed your yard

Sunshine and water are key things that your yard needs to grow and thrive. You may be able to get some grass to grow in your yard using these two things alone but it will not grow to its full potential. You can maximize the health and strength of your yard by feeding it additional nutrients. These additional nutrients can come from fertilizer and other soil amendments. The key is to add in nutrients that your soil may be lacking. Areas with a lot of sand or clay often require that additional nutrients be added to the soil in order for grass to be healthy. When you feed your yard these extra nutrients you should couple it with the process of aeration. Aeration will open up space in the soil so you can get nutrients directly to the roots of your grass. You can set your yard up on a regular schedule of aeration and fertilization to maximize the benefits of this additional nutrition.

Prevent disease

Disease is a big threat to the health of your yard. Your yard can become diseased because of several factors including watering problems, improper mowing, and compacted soil. Watering your yard too little or too much can make it susceptible to disease. If you mow your grass too short or use a dull blade it can damage your grass and make it vulnerable to disease. Compacted soil can keep water and nutrients from getting to the roots of your grass. These factors can all be mitigated either by you learning how to deal with each one or by bringing in professional help.

Protect against threats

Two major threats to the health of your yard are weeds and pests. Weeds can steal essential nutrients from your soil which can inhibit the growth of your grass. Pests can eat away at the roots and/or blades of your grass and kill it off. In order to get the healthy yard you desire it is essential to protect it from these threats. You can bring in a professional for weed and pest control to help you get these threats under control. Your yard will be more resilient against these threats once it is strong and healthy.

Getting a healthy yard is going to take some work. But, once you get your yard to a good place you will be able to spend more time enjoying it and less time working on it. As long as you keep up with the routine maintenance tasks you will be able to keep you yard healthy. Experienced Gardener can help with any or all of the tasks required to establish a healthy yard. If you decide you need help at any stage of the process please get in touch.

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