Three Reasons You Should Be Concerned With Managing Your Tree Growth

Posted on Feb 23, 2016 9:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Three Reasons You Should Be Concerned With Managing Your Tree Growth | The Experienced Gardener

Many of us have fond memories of big ole’ trees in our parent’s or grandparent’s yard, which often had some kind of crude little swing attached to them. Or maybe it was the tree you liked to climb (or try to climb) as a kid; perhaps you fancied yourself to be a bit like Tarzan. But rarely do we have bad memories of such trees – because what could be bad about a tree?

Well, I don’t have any anti-tree messages for you, but I do have one serious negative to consider: unchecked growth. If a tree is allowed to grow without any direction or planning, that can cause problems on your property. Want to know how? Check out these three reasons you need to be concerned with your tree growth:

  • Roots are Very Powerful

You always hear talk of having a “solid foundation,” and usually this refers to a home or some other large building. But tree roots are one of the most solid foundations you’ll find, and these things can wreak some havoc. Is the pavement underneath your driveway cracking or otherwise fluctuating? It’s probably due to strong tree roots underground. The results can be disastrous.

  • You Don’t Want a Pest Problem to Sneak in Unnoticed

Pests, fungus and tree disease are constant concerns for the amateur gardener, and sometimes these issues can be very subtle. Therefore, by monitoring your tree growth and understanding how it should be growing, you can spot trouble signs. This is always important when dealing with tree pests and disease. If you catch it early, you can often save the tree. But even if the tree is doomed, you want to know about disease ASAP – otherwise, it can spread throughout the property via the tree roots.

  • Pruning is Essential For Positive Growth

Pruning isn’t just about making your shrubs and bushes look nicer – it also spurs growth. And if you’re keeping tabs on the growth of your trees, you can tell when it’s time to trim those branches. Pruning isn’t something that needs to be done all the time, but it shouldn’t be forgotten, either. It can also keep your home safe – if there’s a tall tree on your property, falling branches pose a threat to the roof. So always prune back trees to ensure no limbs hang over the house.

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