Three Reasons Property Owners Need Commercial Lawn Care Services

Posted on Jan 26, 2017 6:00:00 AM by Stephanie Morgan

Three Reasons Property Owners Need Commercial Lawn Care Services | The Experienced GardenerThe landscape of any type of property can have a major impact on how people perceive it. If you own commercial property you want to have landscape that looks well-kept and inviting to potential customers. If you own residential properties it is important that potential renters view the yard as a place they can enjoy with their family. In addition, you want to be proud of the way the landscape of your personal property looks. Commercial lawn care services can help you address the needs of any type of property you own. Below are three compelling reasons why you, as a property owner, need commercial lawn care services.

  • There are multiple steps to developing and maintaining a healthy lawn.

When it comes to the landscaping of your property the grass may seem like the most low maintenance part. All you need to do for the lawn is mow and water it on a regular schedule, right? The reality is that developing and maintaining a healthy lawn is more complicated than simply hopping on the riding lawn mower or turning on the sprinklers. Mowing and watering are important aspects of lawn care but even these seemingly simple tasks need to be done in a certain way to obtain the best results. Did you know that cutting your grass too short can cause damage resulting in dead or weakened grass? You need to learn about the type of grass you have in order to determine the appropriate cutting height. Did you know that if your soil is compacted it can prevent water and fertilizer from reaching the roots of the grass? You can address this issue by aerating your lawn which will create space so the water and fertilizer can reach the roots. These steps along with many others are necessary for your lawn to reach its full potential. It takes a certain level of experience and knowledge-that many property owners do not possess-to know when and how to complete each of these steps. An experienced company that provides commercial lawn care services can take care of tasks such as mowing, aerating, and fertilizing your lawn on a regular basis.

  • The aesthetics and vitality of your landscape is significantly impacted by the conditions at your property.

Adding plants to the landscape of any property can significantly improve its’ overall aesthetics. Healthy, beautiful plants will make your property look inviting and well cared for. On the other hand, dying or dead plants will create a much different first impression. The ability of plants to thrive is largely impacted by the conditions in the area they are planted. For example, some plants need full sun and a warm climate. Others prefer shade and have the ability to withstand lower temperatures. You must keep these things as well as other factors-such as soil conditions-in mind as you choose plants for your property. Choosing the wrong plants can be a costly and time consuming mistake. A professional lawn care company can help you choose plants that will work in the specific conditions of your property. 

  • As a property owner, you have a whole list of important tasks that demand your attention.

Whether you own one property or several you may not have the time necessary to invest in the knowledge, preparation, and implementation of a lawn care plan that is best for your grass and plants. Take an honest look at the demands on your time and resources. Is working on your own landscaping the best use of those resources? In many situations it makes more sense to invest in commercial lawn care services to free up time for other endeavors. 

Professional lawn care services can be customized to meet your specific needs. There is a plan that can work for you whether you own two rent houses or several commercial buildings. If you would like to get an estimate for your situation, get in touch with The Experienced Gardener today.

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