Three Lawn Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Ignore in the Fall

Posted on Sep 5, 2019 9:00:00 AM by Fran Oneto

Three Lawn Maintenance Tasks You Shouldn’t Ignore in the FallThe exact lawn maintenance tasks you need to complete change with the seasons. Spring and summer weekends are often full of tasks like mowing and trimming. Lawncare in the fall generally involves raking and dealing with the leaves coming down from the trees. The need to mow constantly dies down as the fall weather moves in. There are some lawn maintenance tasks, however, that you shouldn’t start to ignore as things change in the fall. Your lawn will still need regular protection from disease, weeds, and pests throughout the fall.

Disease Control

Your grass, plants, shrubs, and trees are always at some type of risk for developing disease. Some plants are more susceptible to disease than others. Factors like overwatering, underwatering, and root damage can make plants more likely to develop disease. In addition, disease can spread between plants if it is allowed to remain untreated. You shouldn’t ignore disease control in the fall because it can put the health of your yard, plants, and trees in danger. If you eradicate disease before it has time to become widespread then you can usually prevent the loss of plant life. But if disease is allowed to remain untreated throughout the fall and winter your lawn may have serious and irreversible damage by the time you take action in the spring. 

Weed Control

In the early part of the fall you will need to continue with the same weed control routine you had in the summer. This may include having your property sprayed professionally for weeds on a set schedule. As the weather changes your need for weed control will reduce. Talk to your lawn pro about if and when you should reduce your weed control efforts in response to the changing weather. 

Pest Control

Pests are almost always a threat to your lawn and plants but the type of pests that are a threat change with the seasons. In the summer, ants are a major problem along with pests that eat away at the blades and roots of your grass. As fall moves in, burrowing pests like gophers, moles, and voles become more active and can destroy the look of your yard. If you continue with proactive pest control in the fall you can provide your yard with continuous protection from the threat of pests.

The list of lawn care tasks that you need to think about will slowly dwindle as the seasons move into fall and then eventually winter. But in order to provide your yard with the protection it needs to remain healthy this fall you shouldn’t ignore the lawn maintenance tasks of disease, weed, and pest control.

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